Territorial Youth Services

Territorial Youth Services (TYS) is a ministry committed to exposing at risk youth to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through work projects, mentorship, and devotions.  


Youth (male and female) 12 to 18 years of age in conflict with the law.  Most have never had the benefit of a consistent, stable upbringing with love, structure and discipline.  Few have had many positive experiences in their lives, and most of the youth have low self-esteem.  They have little, if any, employment experience and are at high risk of re-offending. Youth are referred by the Department of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing.


  • To hold youth accountable for their criminal behavior.
  • To assist youth in paying restitution to victims, fines to the Province, and completing community service hours ordered by the Province.
  • To provide youth with interpersonal, life and employment skills, as well as a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.  
  • To share our belief that a relationship with Jesus Christ will produce positive, permanent change in the life of the individual.


  • By providing a positive, nurturing environment where youth are encouraged to make positive choices for their life.
  • By providing positive role models through staff and volunteers.
  • The youth are paid for their work and receive a variety of skills through various projects.  Some work projects include home renovations, shingling, building decks and fences, lawn care, landscaping, painting, and shoveling snow.  With the money they earn, youth pay restitution to victims or fines to the Province.